Tappit Commercial by Dr. Amit Pareek Review – The Smart and Useful AI Software that Can Automatically Take Care of Your Internet Marketing Traffic Campaigns by Obtaining Tons of Laser-Targeted Traffic for Your Business

Tappit Commercial by Dr. Amit Pareek – The Smart and Useful AI Software that Can Automatically Take Care of Your Internet Marketing Traffic Campaigns by Obtaining Tons of Laser-Targeted Traffic for Your Business

Tappit Commercial by Dr. Amit Pareek. The Smart and Useful AI Software that Can Automatically Take Care of Your Internet Marketing Traffic Campaigns by Obtaining Tons of Laser-Targeted Traffic for Your Business. Tappit Commercial by Dr. Amit Pareek. Traffic is crucial in making any online marketing business to be successful and profitable. This is without no reason. The correct utilization of converting-traffic can bring in more leads and more engagements which will directly increase the profits you obtained from your business significantly. The need of converting traffic in this kind of business is so important for the survival of any online business. For this reason, many online marketers will be willing to pay high price for a better system to increase traffic into their business, especially those that utilize free targeted traffic. With this new system you can get now, you will obtain a better way to generate traffic to your business without needing you to handle all the process yourself.

Tappit Commercial by Dr. Amit Pareek. This is the smart and useful AI software that can automatically take care of your internet marketing traffic campaigns by obtaining tons of laser-targeted traffic for your business. With this software, you can obtain various viral contents quickly and use them to increase the performance of your online business. This software will literally tap the power of internet and create a truly profitable money-making machine for you. Using this software, you can build your own viral website quickly and easily, using various features and resources you can find within. You can also use other people’s video contents to generate profits in just few clicks. This way, you don’t need to produce your own video that might cost you a lot of capital to do. This software also let you post videos and contents to 10+ social networks in a click, allowing you to get viral free traffics easily. The software also equipped with built-in remarketing system that can boost the performance from your traffic campaigns and obtain more profits from them. This software is also simple to use and only require you to do some quick and easy actions then the machine will do the rest of the work itself.

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Tappit Commercial by Dr. Amit Pareek – The Smart and Useful AI Software that Can Automatically Take Care of Your Internet Marketing Traffic Campaigns by Obtaining Tons of Laser-Targeted Traffic for Your Business

Tappit Commercial by Dr. Amit Pareek

Tappit Commercial by Dr. Amit Pareek

Tappit Commercial by Dr. Amit Pareek


-Build your own beautiful & super engaging Viral website with 3 simple clicks
-Create and post viral videos and content in just one click
-1-Click traffic getting system
-Legally use other people’s videos and generate automated profit
-Post Videos and Content on 10+ social media networks in single click
-Create SEO friendly pages automatically
-Built in Free Remarketing system included
-Precise site analytics included
-100% Newbie friendly
-Put most profitable links on your sites using artificial intelligence
-Integration with major Autoresponders and social media apps
-Integrate Live Chat on viral pages
-No Domain, hosting required
-Access to 1.2 Million Royalty free images
-Set and Forget system with single keyword
-A-Z complete video training included
-Make 5K-10K with Commercial License

Easy Steps:

Step #1
It drives traffic automatically
Just enter your keywords and select category, Tappit willfind and posts super engaging videos and articles (legally) and post on social media channels automatically and bring targeted traffic using special tag management.

Step #2
It engages and puts most profitable links and lead grabs
The system uses artificial intelligence to decide the best offer or lead grabber on your site (totally hosted on our servers) to make sure that you get the most profit out of every niche

Step #3
Monetize and scale your profits
You can directly drive the free traffic generated to your affiliate offer, encash it using Adsense or simple collect leads in our system or your favourite Autoresponder. And you can create as many sites as you want


  • Post and Engage
    With Top content sources and video integration, you don’t need to write a single word or create any video, you have all the skills you need already
  • Free Automated Traffic
    This point and click interface curates compelling content before you blink. Just sit back and watch the clicks roll in
  • Massive Social Engagement
    With 1 click viral content and video posting on 10+ social media channels, you can start enjoying free traffic and sales instantly
  • Simple to Use
    1-click traffic getting modules just need a keyword it will bring more traffic and leads on autopilot
  • Leads on the way
    Just connect your Autoresponder and we will directly pour leads into your favourite Autoresponder or use our native system
  • No experience required
    Whether you are an experienced marketer or just starting, this breakthrough app is ready for you

How It Works:

Build Your Beautiful & Super Engaging Viral Sites like ViralNova in 3 Clicks
Create your own viral sites loaded with Most Loved Viral content be it articles or videos. The best part, you don’t need to be a technical nerd for availing these benefits. Just follow 3 simple & easy steps, and you’re good to go.

Find the most related content in seconds for any niche and spin it
Why spend hours searching for most trending content, related keywords and phrases to create a decent content piece that’s loved by Goggle SERP’s? With Tappit there’s an end to this fierce issue. Just put down your niche related keywords and BANG!!!. You have fresh, popular and trending content – both Articles right on your desktops in less than 60 seconds. Modify the content using Tappit’s Ultra-Fast & Super Easy Spinner and create engagement boosters sipping your HOT Cuppa!

1-Click Traffic Getting System Legally Use Other People’s Videos And Generate Automated Profit
Videos are proven Engagement-boosters, be it any niche they suck the juice and churn out sales and commissions on the go. Why spend hundreds of dollars in video creation, when even you aren’t sure of will they work or not? Just enter few keywords for your niche and you have all the HOT & Popular videos from the video sharing Giant, YouTube. The secret formula is 100% Legal and you can start PROFITING from Today!

Post It Across 10+ Social Media Channels
Guys, social media networks are HOT Traffic fluids. But not does every online marketer knows the hacks to squeeze the potential from them! With Tappit, you can share your articles & videos on 10 TOP social platforms without investing time & money on creating and optimizing posts. As you already have the Power of Viral Content added with engagement boosters from Tappit.

Set-And-Forget System With Just One Keyword
Simply by settings rules once, you have the POWER to get TOP of the content each time flowing right to you as soon as they are published. Tappit has built-in settings for automating content curation from Top & trusted web publishers. Syndicate your selected social accounts and be the first one to share viral content to your subscribers and make them loyal to your business.

Create A.I Analysed Self-Optimizing & Buyer-Driven Funnels for Maximising Leads, Profits & User Experience
With our A.I. feature, everything runs on auto mode. Yes, just imagine what if you have the power to give your visitors exactly what they’re looking for and as a result, they’ll thank you forever and will wait for more offers from your side. Using this ultimate A.I technology, you can identify your targeted audience by setting up a simple rule in our software & it will present your targeted offers to targeted visitors and you just sit back relax & enjoy more leads and sales.

Get Unstoppable Leads In Your Favorite Autoresponder Or The Dashboard
Enjoy fast and easy integration with TOP autoresponders. Import your leads directly to your favorite autoresponder. Loaded with PROVEN Converting & Ready-To-Use Lead & Promo Funnel templates & FAST Funnel editor
Just tweak them within minutes using our editor to create a high converting funnel. No matter what industry you’re in, our enticing templates offers your business a way to truly stand out and skyrocket conversions

5 Done-For-You, Colour Themes to Create Your Beautiful & Content Rich Viral Sites
These attractive, eye-catchy and premium themes have been created keeping every marketer’s needs in mind. They will prove to be a great add-on to your purchase. All you need to do is just use them, and see a huge boost in conversions, leads and sales hands down.

Integrate Messenger Live Chat On Your Viral Sites
You need to be with your leads on the go. Interact with them while they land on your sites from social channels. With Tappit you have quick and handy 1-Click settings for enabling Facebook Messenger chat options directly on your site’s main page, category pages and individual pages. Get the chat flow continued even when your users switch to Facebook or visit back your content pages.

Access To 1.5 Million Royalty Free Images
Visuals attract readers attention & gets them hooked forever. So, with Tappit we are giving Pixabay integration, so you have the power of searching from 1.5 Million Royalty Free Images. Explore the visual ocean and pick your eye-pleasing stuff. Just add them to your articles and serve the selected platter to your subscribers who need refreshingly new & engaging content every time.

Market your content in 15+ languages in one click
Adding a personalized touch to your audience is vital for every marketer’s success. So, Tappit comes pre-loaded with 15+ languages that gets every visitor glued to your sites.

Create SEO friendly pages automatically
Worried whether Tappit follows SEO guidelines to staying compliant? Yes, you have built-in settings for making all your funnels completely SEO friendly and all that comes extremely fast and easy.

No Domain or Hosting required
With Tappit, you save hundreds of dollars as yearly charges for hosting services. Enjoy premium fast speed on our fast CDN servers. Now, when we have everything in place for you, you just sit and relax and save your money.

Precise Site Analytics
Get your viral site analytics with smart metrics on articles and videos count, leads captured, views along with quick-to-understand graphs for articles and videos.

Complete A-Z training
Tappit comes up with complete video training and PDF guides, so you move step-by-step and benefit from the complete functionality.

What You Get Inside:

  • UNLIMITED Funnels
  • UNLIMITED Ad Campaigns
  • Auto-Curate UNLIMITED Articles
  • Auto-Curate UNLIMITED Videos
  • AI Affiliate Link Generation
  • Social Syndication with 10+ Social Channels
  • DFU Lead Grabbing Funnel Templates
  • Excellent, Fast & Easy Funnel Editor
  • Facebook Messenger Chat Integration
  • Built-in Content Spinner
  • SEO-Optimization
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages
  • Built-in Slider Management
  • Pixabay Integration
  • Google Adsense Integration
  • Monetization with Banner Ads
  • Precise Site Analytics
  • SSl Cetification & GDPR Compliance
  • One-Time Payment
  • Commercial License


(First 500 buyers only – $197/Month Value)
Offer High In Demand Site Creation Services & Maximize Revenues with LIMITED Time Commercial License

Bonus 1
Live Lead Generation (Valued at $47)
Start building your email list in a smart way and develop a unique selling proposition. Learn amazing marketing strategies and best SEO tricks to engage more traffic and track your progress by automating your processes.

Bonus 2
Backlinks Warrior Software (Valued at $47)
Grab highly targeted leads and traffic to your website, blogs and landing pages. With few clicks of a button, you can find high-quality and relevant backlinks in order to rank your website well in Google SERP’s without making any expenses.

Bonus 3
Article Analyzer (Valued at $47)
With only few clicks, analyze your articles for keyword density & get targeted search engine traffic for your website. Either open an existing article (in .txt format) or write/copy/paste the article in to the Article Analyzer interface.

Bonus 4
Commercial License Included- Limited Copies (First 1000 buyers only – $47/Month Value)
Offer High In Demand Site Creation Services & Maximize Revenues.
Provide Site Creation Services to tons of hungry clients from your account in our dashboard with no limitations.
Provide services to unlimited clients for unlimited profits.
And make recurring income by charging them $100/month/client or any amount you want.

Bonus 5
LIVE Training: Build a SIX FIGURE Business From Scratch In Minutes(First 1000 buyers only – $1000 Value)
Start Your Own SIX Figure Business In FEW Minutes.
This Awesome LIVE Training will help you to Build a SIX FIGURE Business PLUS THREE lucky attendees will be selected randomly to win $100 cash each! And There will be a Live Q & A Session at the end of the training.

Bonus 6
Facebook Groups(Completely Priceless)
This is your ultimate opportunity to meet like-minded people. Get access to an incredible ocean of knowledge, share your thoughts, get answers to your queries, share your wisdom and a lot more.

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Tappit Commercial by Dr. Amit Pareek – The Smart and Useful AI Software that Can Automatically Take Care of Your Internet Marketing Traffic Campaigns by Obtaining Tons of Laser-Targeted Traffic for Your Business

Tappit Commercial by Dr. Amit Pareek

Tappit Commercial by Dr. Amit Pareek

Tappit Commercial by Dr. Amit Pareek

Tappit Commercial by Dr. Amit Pareek

Tappit Commercial by Dr. Amit Pareek

Tappit Commercial by Dr. Amit Pareek

Tappit Commercial by Dr. Amit Pareek

Product Funnel:

Front End Product-Tappit Commercial
OTO 1-Tappit Pro

Tappit Pro. Get this pro upgrade version for this software now and enable yourself to boost the performance from your software to get even more traffic and profits from it. You can have tons of advanced features, only available for the owner of pro version. With all these features, you will obtain unfair advantage over your competition and bring in tons of profits quicker and easier. You will be offered with more sources for contents that you can utilize. This offer also give you the integration with 15+ platforms so you can get wider reach for your campaigns. You can also obtain leads from any visitor that access your articles and video pages. Furthermore, you will be provided with advanced and useful features, including detailed analytical tool, inbuilt video player, assets library and even team management service.

OTO 1 Upsell-Tappit Pro Commercial

Tappit Pro Commercial. Get this pro commercial upgrade offer now and get 10 hidden feature of this incredible traffic solution software. You will get access to more top authority sites that you can use to curate and obtain engaging contents. You can also integrate the tool with 15+ more platforms with multiples accounts for each. You can even capture leads from all your visitors whenever they interact with your article or video. Furthermore, you can get various useful features including advance and detailed analytics tool, inbuilt video player, and tons of assets library. And to make this offer even useful, you can get commercial license for this software and quickly obtain tons of profits from it.

OTO 2-Tappit Template Club

Tappit Template Club. Get this template club offer now to get various resources that will boost your business performances and obtain more profits from it. You will get 10 more premium color themes that you can use by customizing any of them to create attractive and unique sites in few minutes. You can also get 30 more lead templates that you can easily edit to begin capturing maximum leads for your business. Moreover, you can get 27 more promo template to promote your offers and you can now easily capture your visitor’s attention. Finally, you can get 13 extra social media templates that will make you go viral on the top social networks. All of these resources, including many other assets and features, will boost your business performance and give you tons of profits.

OTO 2-Tappit Template Club Commercial

Tappit Template Club Commercial. Get this template club commercial upgrade for your software now to be able to commercially utilize this package to get quick profits. With this one-time payment package, you will obtain tons of premium resources that will boost your performance. These include 10 more premium themes, 30 extra lead templates, 27 more promo templates, and 13 extra viral templates. With these resources, you will be able to grab your visitor’s attention instantly and obtain quick and easy profits from it. These will increase the potential generation of your traffic, leads and sales to make you an even greater income. You will also obtain commercial license for the package, including all the supports you will need for your clients. This way, you can get quick profits without needing to do all the hard works.

Video Demo:


Easily Curate Most Engaging Content & Videos
Gosh, you gotta be kiddin me. I didn’t know automating my business was so easy… I need those hundreds of dollars that I spent earlier back… LOL,. But really kudos to the team for creating a solution that can easily curate most engaging content & videos and share them with my audience. The best part- I am not a hard-core techie, and I can use it with ease. Two-thumbs up from my side for this one….
– David Kirby

Tappit Is Really A Complete Problem Solver
Tappit is really a complete problem solver, I just created 5-6 blogs by curating content from TOP authority sites in last 30 minutes. The best part, I don’t need any manual hassles in sharing these blogs on social platforms. And I must confess, the value packed into this is awesome. Earlier, I paid huge fees to create highly engaging articles. Now I’m going to happily cancel my Buffer subscription. Love this creation from Dr. Amit’s team.
– Ankit Mehta

Set The Campaigns Once, And Everything Is A Breeze
Got beta-access to Tappit, and I must confess it’s a gem. I put 3 blogs on automation and trust me, I didn’t need to even life my finger. Just set the campaigns once, and everything is a breeze. Great work team Tappit….
– Mosh Bari

Mind-Blowing Benefits Come At Such A Small Price
I wish I had Tappit much sooner. Completely blown away with its awesome features. It’s great for beginners as well as pro marketers. The icing on the cake is, these mind-blowing benefits come at such a small price. Grab soon before it flies away forever….
– Venkata Ramana

Tappit Commercial by Dr. Amit Pareek. Get this smart and useful AI software so that you can automate your works. This software will take care of your internet marketing traffic campaigns by obtaining tons of laser-targeted traffic for your business. This automatic traffic gathering system will become the key to your success and generate you tons of converting and viral traffic for you autonomously. If you are looking for a done-for-you traffic and leads solution software, this is the perfect answer for you. So, what are you waiting for? Get this now!

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Tappit Commercial by Dr. Amit Pareek – The Smart and Useful AI Software that Can Automatically Take Care of Your Internet Marketing Traffic Campaigns by Obtaining Tons of Laser-Targeted Traffic for Your Business

Product Funnel:

Front End Product-Tappit Commercial
OTO 1-Tappit Pro
OTO 1 Upsell-Tappit Pro Commercial
OTO 2-Tappit Template Club
OTO 2-Tappit Template Club Commercial



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